Enhancing Your Digital Photography Experience

Digital photography is photography using the electronic devices such as the camera, digital camera, web camera, surveillance camera or even a handy cam. Images captures in this way are – electronic files, of the format, as in JPEG or bmp or png or pdf now most commonly used. Digital images over the old images are good because: Loads of memory provides seamless capturing without worrying for spaces.

Incorporation with the computer means loads of digital effects, addition of sound files, and processing for broadcasting. Now, with Internet as the common medium of communication, digital photography is the easiest way to photograph.

This is a much faster way of using the captured graphics, in presentations, or for desktop publication for that matter. Immense use in the field of medical sciences, remote operating and such advanced fields is possible only because of digital data. Genetic engineering is nothing but an application of digital imagery, exuberantly used to analyze algorithms. New generation TV technology – Plasma or Liquid Crystal Displays are now more apt for digital imaging. Hence in short we can say digital photography is really changing the way we looked at this world of imagery as a technician. And with its rapid growth due to lessening of taxes etc on its purchase, people are buying into the idea of digitization fast. And also there are some golden rules to this digital photography method:

  • Always click on a tripod. It helps in image quality.

  • Always charge the cell before moving on with a shoot, because power is a critical issue here.

  • Carry a camera cover wherever possible. It should not be left open in wet and humid and even hot places.

  • Avoid a jerky terrain for these devices as the camera tends to capture all such vibrations and makes it possible image distortions.

  • Buy a camera that has a USB port, or some method to attach to a computer and it shall be easy file sharing, transfer, edit for you.

  • Try and buy a camera that has high mega pixel ratio, it lends you high end and good quality images.

  • Never lend your camera to amateurs, they tend to press buttons, and even scratch the lens area. Once the lens of a digital cam is touched, disturbed, it becomes an expensive as well as deadly – thing for it. The camera can burn down on this.

And as the common proverb goes, the camera can capture, the camera can’t create. So bottom line is – The camera captures the way it was used to capture. A professional photographer can click the same sunset and it appears beautiful, but the same image can be clicked in a way that it appears to be very depressing and dull to the viewer.

In all we can say the digital photography is an art that needs the users technical, creative and impulsive characters to mingle well – SO WE CAN SAY – THAT’S A GREAT SHOT.